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Enhance your school newspaper with these creative ideas. Engage your readers and make your articles stand out with these tips for a successful school newspaper.
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We've had lots of people utilizing our free editable newspaper PowerPoint templates and have had loads of good suggestions. There have been just a few requests to make use of these in Youngsters love this newspaper template pack since its completely made for youngsters. No sophisticated methods to grasp, simply straightforward doc modifying. PDF, PSD,

Molly Priest
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After our onslaught of state-mandated testing was over, I wanted to start a classroom project the students could really take ownership of. As a former newspaper journalist, my thoughts naturally went to writing and a classroom newspaper. Additionally, I thought it could be a perfect way to publish student writing and also reflect on the school year. It was decided... a classroom newspaper it was. I will detail my process in a series of three blog posts: the planning, the writing, and…

Rachel Friedrich