Screen printing process

Learn how to achieve stunning results with the screen printing process. Discover top tips and techniques to create unique and vibrant designs for your projects.
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When you are in the screen printing business. In the business today, you shouldn't be confined to apparel. Rather you may have a broader reach to screen print wood, plastic, metal, and even glass. There are different types of screen printing processes to create artwork not only on t-shirts but also on other materials. Diverse

Rubén Pineda
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For being so common, screen printing is surprisingly foreign. And despite the internet’s best efforts, the details on how designs go from our computers to a t-shirt can be elusive at best. To those looking for a good how and why, I’ll take you through the entire screen printing process to better understand what’s important to you when ordering custom screen printed t-shirts. Screen printing has always been the real meat and potatoes of t-shirt printing. Revered as likely the most versatile…

Chris Wilson
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A few weeks ago, I decided to try my hand at screen printing. It seemed like a simple, straightforward process: Get the supplies and make it happen. Well, I made it "happen" and ended up learning a…