Sensory bottles for toddlers

Discover a variety of sensory bottle ideas that will capture your toddler's attention and stimulate their senses. Create a fun and educational experience for your little one with these engaging DIY projects.
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These sensory bottles are so pretty and mesmerizing! And best of all, they're SO EASY to make! Simply add baby oil, glitter, and any other add-ins (see a list of options below!) to an empty plastic bottle. Then turn the bottle upside-down or shake it back and forth, and watch as the glitter and other items swirl around and slowly fall to the bottom. It's such a fun and pretty calming tool that helps kids (and adults!) focus and relieve anxiety. And you can make one at home in just a few…

Qiana Oliver
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These oil and water sensory bottles are SO PRETTY!! Make a DIY sensory bottle with two different colors that combine into one when you shake it. Then watch as the bubbles (and colors!) slowly separate again! Sensory bottles are great for soothing and calming. But this color changing sensory bottle is also perfect for play and exploration. It's a fun science experiment, and a mesmerizing fidget toy! This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something we may earn a…

Amy Doucette