Sew own wedding dress

Design and sew your own unique wedding dress with these expert tips and ideas. Express your personal style and make a statement on your special day by crafting a one-of-a-kind gown that will leave everyone in awe.
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I Made My Own Wedding Dress!: My husband's and my biggest hobby is creating things, furniture, costumes, props, smaller decorations, .... We are makers and we liked to incorporate this theme in our wedding. I decided to sew my own wedding dress. This was a challenging project, …

Kelly Scholes
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My husband and I went to the Marine Corps Ball this year (we’re not affiliated with the Marines in any way, but they invite lowly civilians like us, so that’s pretty nice. It’s a fun opportunity to get really dressed up and scrape the dried-up layer off the top of your only lipstick and dig... Read More »

Sabrina McG