Shawn and gus

Join Shawn and Gus on their thrilling and hilarious escapades as they solve mysteries and crack cases. Explore the best moments and unforgettable chemistry between these lovable characters.
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"Zero to Murder in Sixty Seconds" is the fourth episode of Season Two. Lassiter's car gets stolen and Shawn solves the case in record time, but he soon realizes that nothing's ever that easy and must then drag Gus away from his vacation to further investigate a case he's already solved. In 1987, young Shawn and Gus have a bike race to see who is the fastest. Henry, being the timer, tells them to start - at first it looks like Shawn is in the lead, but then Gus catches up and wins. Henry…

"Shawn, you know I'm a sympathetic crier. Just let me be."  From the episode, "Dual Spires." Films, Episode, Spires, Psych, Ugly Cry, Funny Me, Episode 5, Funny Scenes, Movies

Before starting I have to admit that I've only seen about a few minutes of Psych before. But being a big Twin Peaks fan I just couldn't resist. And I wasn't disappointed. In fact, I really liked it. It had everything a real Twin Peaks fan needs -- and cinnamon pie. There are so many references to catch and they even got some of the actors like Ray Wise(Leland) and Sherilyn Fenn(Audrey) and a special intro sung by Julee Cruise who also performed the original theme song. TP fans should…

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