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Embark on a thrilling journey with the iconic detective Sherlock Holmes through his most intriguing stories. Discover the genius of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and immerse yourself in the world of crime-solving and deduction.
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It’s more than a century since the world’s most famous literary detective made his appearance, but our appetite for his startling deductions is undiminished. Adam Frost and Jim Kynvin go back to the stories in search of data to explain his enduring appeal

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All four of Arthur Conan Doyle's legendary Sherlock Holmes novels, collected in a unique Graphic Deluxe edition with an introduction by Michael Dirda In 1886, an unsuccessful ophthalmologist on the southern coast of England decided to try his hand at writing a detective story. Unlike his historical romances, which required the utmost care, this could be dashed off quickly. The first draft, featuring a Mr. Sherrinford Holmes, was a bit rough around the edges, but with a little revision…

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