Signs of a cheater

Learn how to spot the signs of a cheater and protect yourself from heartbreak. Discover the common behaviors and actions that may indicate infidelity and take action to safeguard your relationship.
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Not all narcissists are cheaters, but rates of infidelity are higher among them, which may concern people who are in a relationship with a narcissist. Your partner may show less interest in you, signs of inappropriate online behavior, flirt with others in front of you, and become defensive when you question

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20 Signs of a Serial Cheater & How to Spot Them Relationships, Signs Of A Cheater, Relationship Issues, Ex Wives, Fear Of Commitment, Open Relationship, Impulse Control, Cheating, Interpersonal

Serial cheaters consistently cheat on their partners, even when they’re in committed, monogamous relationships. They often struggle with poor impulse control and a lack of personal accountability. Some serial cheaters experience guilt over their actions, but others show little or no remorse. Most of the time, it is difficult for them

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