Silk embroidery

Discover the art of silk embroidery and how it can add elegance and sophistication to your home decor. Explore top ideas to incorporate this timeless craft into your space.
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New old posts on hand embroidery essentials :) As I mentioned before, I'm planning to update some old posts because they are too outdated. I started with the essentials of starting and ending thread, so here are the posts for you to check out: 5 ways to start thread in hand embroidery How to finish thread in hand embroidery I didn't just update the pictures, but also added some new information and tips and cut out what the “me today” decided was insignificant. That's why I'm informing you…

Ju Dre
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Let's have a look at the different ways this beautiful technique is taught. With a look at Tanja Berlin's technique through online learning, the RSN Certificate method, and finally, Jan Kerton from Windflower Embroidery.