Sleepy animals

Discover a collection of adorable sleepy animals that will melt your heart. From cuddly kittens to dozing puppies, find the perfect companion for a cozy nap.
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We've all seen a puppy, worn out from exploring but not yet able to admit it, trying desperately to stay alert whilst struggling to keep its little brown eyes from closing. The blinks slow right down, lasting longer and longer while its head slowly droops, perhaps a tongue will come lolling out of the mouth and then finally... plop. Puppy goes to sleep right there and then.

Jan Grabham
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In many ways, pets are like children - and their obsession with plushie toys is something that demonstrates it. When a doggie, a kitty or a little mouse cuddles with a toy that is sometimes even bigger than the animal itself, it's pure cuteness overload. However, the reasons why pets love toys might be somewhat different than those of human children.

Quỳnh Trâm
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Even the most energetic of animals appreciate a nice nap and a good night’s sleep. And lucky for us, they have absolutely no shame in how or where they take their breaks. Whether it’s hugging their best friend or hanging awkwardly from the passenger seat, we never fail to relate to them.

Kym Lindsey
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