Slender man

Delve into the chilling legend of Slender Man, a mysterious figure known for his unnaturally tall and slender appearance. Explore the origins and spine-tingling stories surrounding this iconic internet urban legend.
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Slenderman walks with you into the closet and opens the door for you. "You first child" He says bowing. You smile and walk into the closet as he closes the door. You sit down and he sits beside you. You smile and grab a marker drawing cat whiskers on your face. He watches you curiously until you climb into his lap and give him whiskers too. "You might not have a face, but you can still be loved" y...

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When was the last time you saw something that made you scream and sent shivers down your spine? While it’s not usual to see these occurrences on Halloween, coming into contact with them during the other 364 days of the year isn’t common.After the initial shock wears off, in most cases, it was nothing more than an optical illusion. From shadows that look like paranormal activity to creepy reflections in mirrors, here are innocent things that almost gave people a heart attack. Can you handle…

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The ability to have senses despite being faceless. The semi-opposite to Multiple Faces. Deceptive Facelessness Faceless Senses Physiological/Supernatural Facelessness The user with this power is able to have their senses intact despite lacking any facial features, whether that would be their eyes, ears, etc. Having no facial properties is normally perceived as a defect, but in this case, as this form of facelessness is definitely a power in terms of origin due to not only giving the subject…

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