Slow roast lamb

Impress your guests with mouthwatering slow roast lamb dishes. Explore our collection of recipes to make your next meal unforgettable.
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Recipe video above. A very forgiving, very easy way to roast a leg of lamb, where the meat is slow-cooked until it's tender enough to pull it off the bone with tongs. It is not the blushing pink flesh carving sort (use this traditional Roast Lamb recipe if that's what you're after). Lamb leg is lean, so to slow cook it's best to partially submerge in a flavoured liquid which keeps the flesh moist plus infuses with flavour. I'm using garlic and rosemary in this recipe - classic lamb…

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This is the ultimate recipe for making slow roast lamb. It's actually super easy and the key is in the choice of joint. I have my own special rub technique which creates a gorgeous rich chewy bark on the outside, in contrast to the succulent melting lamb inside the joint.

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How to cook your family the best lamb roast dinner. Slow roast lamb shoulder joint glazed with a mint jelly marinade. Cooking time, in the oven, between 3 ½ to 5 hours at a low temperature until the meat falls off the bone. Lamb is roasted in stock which creates the base for a minted lamb gravy. Instructions for both half shoulder lamb, and whole shoulder lamb joint. Measurements are given in both UK, metric and US, imperial. Fresco, Cannoli, Paleo, Slow Roast Lamb, Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder, Lamb Shoulder Roast, Roast Lamb, Slow Cooked Lamb, Tender Meat

How to cook your family the best lamb roast dinner. This recipe shows you how to slow roast a lamb shoulder joint in the oven, for 3 ½ to 5 hours at a low temperature. Slow cooked to the point where the tender meat falls off the bone. Extra flavour and glaze are given from a mint jelly marinade added near the end of cooking time. Lamb is roasted in stock which creates the base for a delicious minted lamb gravy.Instructions are for half shoulder lamb, however, can also be used for a whole…

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