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Experience the magic of a small theatre in the comfort of your own home. Explore top ideas to create an intimate and immersive entertainment space for movie nights and performances.
Because one day I will be rich and have a home theatre! Theatre Architecture, Architecture, Theatre, Home, Basement Home Theater, Home Theater, Small Theatre, Home Cinemas, Theatre Interior

A theatre Books & Crannies is located in the old Iris Theatre. The front of the building has been posted many times on this site. The theatre was built in in the mid 1920s and closed in 2001. I went to one movie there, Titanic. There are train tracks behind the theatre and when the train went past it would walk all over the sound. It still was neat to go to the movies in a real theatre and not a 30 plex. Even though most of the space is now the book store, they have an area in the back…

Katy Dickerson
Uunisaari Summer Theatre: Little Top - temporary summer theatre construction Theatre, Architecture, Rosario, Theatre Architecture, Design, Amphitheatre Architecture, Summer, Stage Design, Theatre Design

Article first published in the Architectural Review, March, 2001 Built as part of Helsinki's programme for last year's Europe's Cultural Capital, this little temporary theatre sits lightly on the ground and has a robust, functional elegance that comes from economic but inventive use of materials. 1. 2. Following the success of their extraordinary rural installation in Savonlina (AR December 1999), the young Finnish practice of Marco Casagrande and Sami Rintala has continued to explore an…

Taisia Nat