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Discover exciting activities and events to enhance your social life. Connect with others and create lasting memories with these top ideas for a vibrant social circle.
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Now, I want to share the benefits of a social media detox and offer practical tips on how others can embark on their journey of digital liberation. It's not just about reclaiming time; it's about reclaiming a genuine sense of self. Stay tuned for insights on the advantages of a social media detox an

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Dress: Pret-a-Surf (old) Bathing Suit: J.Crew Shoes: Tory Burch (old but also love these) Happy Labor Day! This weekend is always bittersweet as it is the unofficial end of summer. While I look forward to Fall, I will miss these sunny days. For this post we visited Sean’s college friend who has a home in Westport, CT.

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Social media is quite noisy if you think about it, maybe the things I struggle with will have room breathe if I give them more quiet. It's time to do less scrolling and more living. Words Quotes, Wise Words, Words Of Wisdom, Sayings, Truth Quotes, Quotes Quotes, Funny Quotes, Breathe, Social Media Detox

I read an article recently about the way we can suffer from “Secondhand Stress” and I felt like it was speaking directly to the questions that have been haunting me over the past two months. “In our highly connected working world, we are hyper-exposed to other people. This means negative emotions and stress become even more contagious as we have high exposure to negative comments on news articles and social…

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