Sofa frame

Discover modern and sturdy sofa frame ideas to enhance your living room decor. Upgrade your sofa with a reliable frame that adds style and durability to your furniture.
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Many of our customers come to us after shopping around at plenty of other stores, which means they’ve looked at lots of sofas that all seem to be pretty similar, just with different names and prices. And that is really what’s so frustrating about furniture shopping: What often differentiates the quality of one sofa or chair from another tends to be hidden beneath the fabric. The materials and methods used in construction are what will ultimately determine how comfortable and long-lasting…

Becky Weaver
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When you shop for upholstered furniture, what are you really getting? If we listen to manufacturers and sales clerks, all of the sofas are wonderful and they’ll last forever. So many of us have had the experience of buying a new sofa only to be disappointed a few years later by flattened cushions, sagging springs and a torn cover. It’s difficult to tell how well a piece of furniture is made by inspecting it from the outside. To find a good sofa or chair, you need an interior designer, and…

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