Soto ayam recipe

Learn how to make a delicious Soto Ayam, a traditional Indonesian chicken soup. Warm up your taste buds with this flavorful and comforting dish.
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Soto ayam, an Indonesian version of chicken soup, is a clear herbal broth brightened by fresh turmeric and herbs, with skinny rice noodles buried in the bowl. It is served with a boiled egg, fried shallots, celery leaves and herbs, and is hearty enough for a meal.

Vicki Jenkins Culp
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Soto ayam is a chicken soup dish originated from Indonesia and is popular in Malaysia and Singapore. However, you have to take a paradigm shift to appreciate it. Unlike a creamy soup, it's a clear soup with loads of ingredients and condiments. Turmeric is the ingredient that makes yellow, coupled with spices like cumin, fennel, star anise, and cinnamon, and there is no other chicken soup that comes close to it.

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This traditional soto ayam recipe is packed with flavor and is so easy to make. Served with shredded chicken, a boiled egg, glass noodles, and topped with crispy fried shallots, a squeeze of lime, a drizzle of kecap manis, and a side of sambal. A delicious crowd pleaser that's perfect for the whole family on a cold winter night!

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