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Discover empowering soul messages that will uplift your spirit and guide you on your journey. Explore a collection of inspiring quotes and affirmations to bring positivity into your life.
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You’re in a friendly, normal conversation with another person. Everything is going well until – BAM! Your blood pressure is rising, you’re starting to hyperventilate, and you have the distinct urge to strangle the other person. Even though the other person made a blasé passing comment, you find yourself trying to prevent yourself from screaming down their throat and gouging out their eyes. What just happened? You got triggered – that’s what happened. Reflecting on the situation later, you…

Soul Work is the contemplative practice of turning inwards and rediscovering our True Nature in the present moment. Quite literally, Soul Work means doing the Soul’s work of going within and coming back home to Spirit. Discover five powerful Soul Work practices ... #soulwork via @lonerwolf Reading, Nature, Spiritual Transformation, Spiritual Awakening Quotes, Spiritual Awakening, Spiritual Path, Soul Connection, Awakening Quotes, Divine Light

Through the ages, countless sages, mystics, gurus, and awakened men and women have pointed to the fact that we are much more than our physical bodies or personalities. We are, in fact, the eternal, timeless, unconditionally loving presence within us, known as Spirit, Consciousness, Nondual Awareness, or True Self. Yet these days, most of us have lost touch with the truth of who we are. We assume that we are our bodies, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, memories, and preferences because that is…

Kelly Von Drasek