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Explore sound maps and immerse yourself in the rich and diverse sounds of different locations. Uncover hidden gems and unique audio experiences with our curated collection of sound map ideas.
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When I was young, I saw a little pretty bird on the mountain. The bird quickly flew away, leaving only sound behind. I looked up in the sky to find the bird, but all I could see was tree branches and forest. The bird kept on singing, but I had no idea whe…

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In my most recent '10 most significant blah blah blah' posts at the end of last year I included (at number 8) examples of where designers were going beyond solely the visual representation of data. Some of these examples included Moritz' Data Cuisine Workshop, experiments like Tasty Tweets and fun pieces like Pumpkin Pie Charts.

Nicha Lee
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Last week I shared behavior maps created by School of Visual Arts (SVA) students who observed the behaviors of people and non-human animals in Washington Square Park. I am so excited to share another set of four maps with you. These maps were also created by SVA students. Sneha, Nga, Hanna, and Dami designed sensory maps of the park. A sensory map is a vehicle to "show how people use their different senses to navigate a city," writes Duncan Greere in his article about Kate McLean's…

Kanza Syed