Spice rack design

Discover innovative spice rack designs to keep your kitchen spices neatly organized and easily accessible. Upgrade your cooking experience with these stylish and functional spice storage solutions.
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About this item Eco-friendly Bamboo and Carbonization. SANSNOW only use the best nature bamboo which is growth in the south of China, 4 processes carbonization can get rid of the water and sugar in the bamboo, to ensure the good stability, good strength and prolongs its service life Double-layer Paint and Durable. Bamboo products are afraid of humid, in order to suit more occasions, we made double-layer paint, it's also our advantage. Bamboo is stronger and more sustainable than plastic. No…

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Easy to Install: The space-saving organizer for the kitchen comes with all installation accessories. Both adhesive and drilling mounting are available. Adhesive mounting will not damage the wall, no drill. Please note the cookware rack can be mounted on tile, marble, granite, tempered glass, smooth wood walls, and smooth solid metal. However, it is not recommended for uneven or rough surfaces, such as painted walls, wallpapers, concrete walls, or lime walls. Hooks, Kitchen Knife Storage Ideas, Kitchen Utensil Holder, Kitchen Organizer Rack, Kitchen Utensil Organiser, Kitchen Utensil Organization, Kitchen Utensils Store, Wall Mounted Spice Rack, Wall Mounted Kitchen Storage

Perfect Kitchen Organizer: This wall-mounted multifunctional storage rack consists of hooks, a knife holder, a spice rack, a towel bar, and a spoon holder. Utensil holder not only saves your space but also helps store kitchen utensils such as kitchen knives, fruit knives, forks, spoons, flatware utensils, spatulas, ladles, peelers, whisks, duster cloth, and more. Product link in the description box

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