Split complementary colors

Explore the world of split complementary colors and learn how to create stunning color palettes that bring harmony and contrast to your designs. Get inspired and start using these color combinations today!
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Although colors are a part of our daily lives, there are many variations to them and their uses that not everyone may take advantage of it. Take split-complementary colors, for example.

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The Art of Choosing is a series discussing fabric, color, and the fabric selection process! For past posts, click here. As I mentioned in the last Art of Choosing post, I want to spend the next few weeks talking about different color schemes that can be pulled directly from the color wheel! :) Split-Complementary Color Schemes The Art of Choosing: Split-Complementary Color Schemes, a photo by jenib320 on Flickr.Today is all about Split-Complementary color schemes! Split-Complementary color…

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