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Get inspired by the latest trends in Korean fashion and create stylish spring outfits. Discover top ideas to elevate your wardrobe with a touch of Korean style.
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My second favorite season (after autumn, of course) and my final installment in my seasonal guides: spring in Korea! There's always something so magical about the spring season despite less fun things, like the awful air quality or random cold snaps. As soon as mid-March hits, the temperatures start to warm ever so slightly until...

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Spring Experience in Korea 🌸  What you'll find out here: ▪️ What to expect from the spring season in Seoul ▪️ What to wear ▪️ The best spot to take photos ▪️ And thinking of having a destination photo shoot or wedding? I have a tip on who and how to book the best travel photographer at a best price!   #spring #fashion #style #pink #pastel #photography #travel #blogger #korea #outfit #ootd #model #photographer #korean fashion Korea Spring Fashion, Spring Outfits Korea, Spring Korea, Korean Fashion, Spring Ootd, Japan Ootd Spring, Winter Ootd, Seoul Travel, Korea Travel

I've always wanted to see cherry blossoms in person. Before, the original plan was to see it in Japan but when I got myself into K-Dramas last year, there I was, daydreaming to experience Spring in Korea. Fast forward to April 2018, I was able to fulfill that Sakura dreams! I stayed in Korea for eight (8) days and imagine my excitement when I saw cherry blossoms in full bloom in places we've visited (which I'll be sharing soon). Read more This is my first time to travel out of the country so…

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