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Explore the numerous health benefits of sprouts and learn how to incorporate them into your daily diet. Start enjoying a healthier lifestyle with these nutritious and delicious sprout recipes.
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Mixed sprouts can be a combination of sprouted moong, matki, kala chana, safed vatana, kabuli chana, chawli . You may pick and choose what you wish to use as all sprouts are healthy. In Indian markets you just ask for the combination you want. These sprouts vary in texture and taste. In Indian cooking, mixed sprouts are used to make pulao, stuffed paratha, snacks, salads, stir fries and wraps.

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Sprouts and microgreens are immature versions of the vegetables they would grow into. And like their full sized versions, they are packed with nutrients such as vitamins A and B, minerals, trace minerals, health boosting compounds and phytochemicals. One of the benefits of eating greens in this earl

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