Star trek ship interior

Step into the world of Star Trek with these amazing ship interior designs. Discover top ideas to bring the futuristic and immersive atmosphere of the Star Trek universe into your own space.
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This is the bridge of the USS Constellation NCC-71956, a Galaxy-Class starship launched not long after the battle of Wolf 359. The ship features a unique arrangement among Galaxy-Class ships, with an extra console positioned behind the Captain for the Executive Officer to use. This model was created as a paid commission for a user. Created entirely using FOSS (Blender and Inkscape)

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Engineering, main engineering, or the engine room (the reactor pit in Klingonese), was the location from which the ship's main power systems were controlled. Engineering was the primary assignment of engineers and chief engineers. In the late 20th century, nuclear vessels of the United States Navy designated their engine room as the main machine room, or MMR. A ship, like the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise, had at least four main machine rooms. Each of these rooms had a nuclear fission…

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