Stitching crochet squares together

Learn different techniques and creative ideas for stitching crochet squares together. Enhance your crochet projects with these unique methods to create beautiful and intricate designs.
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In this tutorial I am going to show you how to use Mattress Stitch to join your crochet motifs together with a perfectly invisible seam. The Mattress Stitch joining method is perfect not only for blankets, but also for sewing pillow panels, crochet garment panels and seaming ends of infinity scarfs. get the latest patterns Join

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Whether you're making a stitch sampler blanket or a granny square cardigan, this tutorial for joining crochet squares is the easiest to use!

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Learn how to whip stitch join granny squares and crochet pieces together with this step-by-step tutorial! The whip stitch (or whipstitch as a single word) is a durable sewing stitch that is used for joining two pieces together while creating a nice pattern at the edge. In crochet, you can use the whip stitch for many things such as joining granny squares or afghan blocks to make blankets and throws, seaming Amigurumi parts together, joining pillow panels, and sewing the panels of garments.

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One of my favourite things to do, is take a favourite pattern of mine and put a chunky spin on it. I love creating these chunky yarn blankets because they’re very quick to work up, simple and stunning! Wool Ease Thick & Quick is my favourite super chunky yarn but you can use any yarn that yo

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