Straits settlements

Uncover the fascinating history and stunning beauty of the Straits Settlements. Learn about the unique culture, architecture, and heritage of this historical region.
The FRONT of the 1941 'One Malayan Dollar' in British Malaya's first attemp to establish a 'Currency Board' in the Straits Settlements Vintage, Us Dollars, Dollar, Coins, Vintage World Maps, Board, World Map, Boards, Personalized Items

NOTE: This Article was written and published on Facebook on the 31st of August 2009, Malaysia’s Independence Day in response to an irresponsible actions caused by UMNO supporters carrying a severed ‘Cow Head’ to incite racial and religious tensions among the Hindu’s in Malaysia. It was this very incident which ‘woke me up’ as a Malay and a Malaysian who was previously politically neutral to fight against UMNO’s racism and racist policies and behaviors. And I have never stopped fighting…

Surihaty J
Central Police Station (demolished). It housed the office of the Police Commissioner (later known as Inspector-General of Straits Settlements Police), barracks accommodation for officers, and the Police Courts before the courts moved into a building of its own across the road in the 1880s. Outdoor, Police, Police Station, Straits Settlements, Outdoor Structures, Landmark, Towns, Red Light District, Chinatown

Once known among older Singaporeans as “Yit Hor Mata Chu” (Number One Police Station) , the Central Police Station was a prominent landmark along South Bridge Road. Located in the heart of what was known as the ‘Greater Town’ south of Singapore River, it witnessed the transformation of the city and the crime that emerged as Singapore thrived and developed. The Central Police Station was the base to police secret societies that dominated Chinatown for decades.

Harold Seet