Sugar cookies for cutouts

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How to make the most amazing sugar cookies that truly hold their shape! With a no chill option, these cookies have crispy edges, and soft chewy centers!

Patricia Slocum
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The best no chill cut-out sugar cookie recipe, perfect for decorating! Buttery, soft, and lightly sweet. Great for holidays or anytime.

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this simple and easy sugar cookie recipe will become your go-to cut-out cookie recipe for all occasions. This recipe holds its shape, doesn't need to be chilled, and comes together easily.

Jenny Russell Donoghue
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These are my best cut-out soft sugar cookies! With crisp edges, thick centers, and room for lots of decorating icing, I know you'll love them too.

Yvonne Navarro
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The BEST, soft, cut out, sugar cookies that taste good and hold their shape! Use your favorite cookie cutters and have fun decorating with buttercream frosting.

Adele Brittany