Sunflower life cycle

Explore the incredible journey of sunflowers from seed to blooming beauty. Learn about each stage of their life cycle and discover tips for growing your own vibrant sunflower garden.
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The May Packet (and FREEBIES!) - Ship Shape Elementary

Hurray for May! I have always loved the start of a new month and, between you and me, May is one of my favorites! Springtime is in full swing and summer is just around the corner. So much to be happy about! I’m excited tonight to introduce The May Packet! This packet is full of […]

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Fun in the Sun - Sunflower-Themed Activities and Life Cycle, Anatomy Printables for Children

Discover a world of learning and creativity with these engaging sunflower-themed activities and printables. From coloring pages to connect-the-dots, these resources provide endless fun and education for children of all ages. Help your child explore

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Sunflower Life Cycle Poster (cursive font) - Printable Teaching Resources - Print Play Learn

Sunflower Life Cycle Poster (cursive font) perfect for home education Sunflower poster includes images; seeds, seedling, bud, sunflower, wilted sunflower

Print Play Learn - help you cut down on planning time and increase fun by learning through play.
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Sunflower Life Cycle Sequencing Worksheet

Cut out the pretty sunflower life cycle pictures from the first sheet of this printable (in colour or black and white), then arrange in the order of the sunflower plant lifecycle. Then glue the pictures onto the second sheet to complete the sunflower lifecycle diagram!