Sunken boats

Embark on an adventure to discover the mesmerizing beauty of sunken boats. Dive into the depths and witness the captivating underwater world where history and nature merge.
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(Boat Chalice - posted largely by Cath, but finished by Alan) The scene as we are told we must stop. I took Charlie for a walk, and then we got going at about 9 am, knowing that we had to negotiate around a sunken narrowboat a mile or so north. It was raining intermittently as we came under bridge 36, and saw the boat in the middle of the cut. A man on the towpath waved us over, saying that they had already begun the raising of the boat, and as they had men in the water, we would have to…

Viv H
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Imagine that you’re swimming out into your local lake. You’re a capable swimmer, you know this body of water like the back of your hand, and you feel confident while athletically stroking through water enveloped by the early morning mist. You decide to dive underwater for a bit—you know, for fun—and that’s when you see it: the shadowy silhouette of something huge, rusted, and covered in seaweed. You panic, rise to the surface, and swim to the shore. Trembling. Terrified.

Nino C.