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Create an eco-friendly and stylish home with sustainable interior design. Discover top ideas to reduce your carbon footprint and enhance your living space.
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A Balinese coffee journey in a biophilic design. The concept takes the function of a coffee house to the next level by including educational features that raise awareness of the coffee creating process and provides an environment strongly intertwined with nature. The forms, layout, landscape, interior were carefully designed to create harmony sustainably.

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Biophilic interior design, inspired by nature, seeks to bring the outdoors inside for a healthier and more sustainable living environment. With 18 creative ways to incorporate biophilic design, you can transform your home into a natural oasis. Biophilic design can enhance your well-being and connection with nature. Discover how to infuse your home with the beauty and benefits of biophilic design with Foyr Neo's blog. Read now!

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Discover the seven essential steps to create a perfect green bedroom interior design. From choosing the right shade of green and incorporating different textures to selecting the right furniture and accessories, this guide will walk you through the entire process to create a harmonious and relaxing green bedroom. Transform your bedroom into a serene oasis with these expert tips on green bedroom interior design.

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