Swimming pool pond

Transform your backyard into a serene oasis with a stunning swimming pool pond. Explore top ideas to create a relaxing and refreshing outdoor space for your family to enjoy.
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The trend for natural pools started in Europe several decades ago. Since then, natural pools, unlike traditionally rectangular chlorine-filled pools, have been gaining popularity in the United States, Australia, and other regions with sunny climates.

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Natural swimming pools are a great way to take a dip without swimming in chemicals. They use plants and other natural details to filter the water and keep the ecosystem of the pool balanced. They also tend to attract wildlife, making them...

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NATURAL SWIM PONDS WITH NATURAL BOULDERS Welcome to Natural Swim Ponds! It used to be the only way to enjoy backyard swimming was to install a high-maintenance, heavily chlorinated pool with an unnatural liner and boring concrete deck. Well those days are over … Building a natural water feature in your yard – a small… Read More »Natural Swimming Pools with Pond Boulders

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Most people are pretty certain their family will enjoy using a regular pool. But not everyone is so sure about a recreational pond. Even after learning that these ponds are a growing international trend and are so much better for the environment, they think, why rock the inflatable pool boat so to speak. However, if like

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