Sympathy verses

Express your deepest condolences with heartfelt sympathy verses and comforting condolence messages. Find the perfect words to offer comfort and support during difficult times.
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The death of a loved one can be overwhelming, confusing and overall devastating. We find our selves searching for answers we may never find and creating regretful feelings that can only create more loss in our hearts. It is important to know that no matter what season we go through that God is always there for us, even to bring us ... Read More

Kilee Randel
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God’s Word provides powerful comfort in grief. Because scripture is alive and active, time in the Word settles our heart and anchors our emotions in loss. God's word has many Bible vereses to help us grieve with hope. I’ve asked several author and ministry leader friends who’ve walked through grief from various kinds of loss to share their favorite Bible verses to comfort in grief. These writers and ministry leaders each share a favorite scripture and how that verse impacted their grief…

Nathaniel Chasity Lowery