Syndrome quotes

Discover a collection of empowering quotes about syndrome that will inspire and motivate you. Let these quotes remind you of your strength and resilience as you navigate through life with syndrome.
This quote inspires me to be a teacher that includes all students. Not looking at their diagnosis for an excuse, but instead looking at what they can bring to the classroom. People, Wise Words, Humour, Down Syndrome, Sayings, Albert Einstein, Truths, Quotes To Live By, Words Of Wisdom

To judge is “to form an opinion or conclusion about.” Straightforward, right? We need to form opinions and draw conclusions in order to make sense of our world. We do this every day. And yet, when I think of the word, there is an implied negativity. In particular, people often judge one another. We judge one another based on appearance, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, abilities (or lack of abilities) and we often cast aside those who look, act or speak differently than we do. We are…

Carol Almada