T 72

Explore the top T-72 tank models that are a must-have for military enthusiasts. Get a closer look at the powerful features and intricate details of these iconic military vehicles.
New Ukrainian main battle tank to give new life to old Soviet T-64 and T-72 tank hulls | EUROMAIDAN PRESSEuromaidan Press | Sci Fi Tank, Future Tank, Armored Vehicles, Military Armor, Battle Tank, Military Vehicles, Military Drawings, Modern Warfare, Tank Drawing

Ukrainian company Arey Engineering Group developed a new main battle tank design codenamed T-Rex (Ukrainian: "Тірекс"), which is to be produced domestically. It met all technical requirements of the country's defense ministry and is planned to enter service within a year. The manufacturers are convinced this new design will rival T-14 Armata, Russia's next-generation tank. "The tank has a conceptually new system...

Antonio Di Stasio