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Emily Trent is a teenage girl and the CEO of her fathers company. One… #action #Action #amreading #books #wattpad Techno, Vietnam, Police, Military, Predator, Soldier, Helm, Mech, Armor

Emily Trent is a teenage girl and the CEO of her fathers company. One night, her parents died and it was up to her to take the company by herself. Over the course of many stressful meetings and other things, she has been thinking of a little vacation. So when Emily announced that she was coming to Kingdom of Vale, she got the attention of multiple girls. Summer Rose is not dead in this story.

Violet Six
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Lincoln Loud, A boy who is mistreated by his family and friends because his 'BAD LUCK' thanks to his sister Lynn jr who blamed him for loosing a baseball game (stupid right?) the only three who didn't mistreat him was his mother and his father because they dont believe in that stupid thing, Lincoln Blamed himself for Being weak and nice to people who doesn't deserve it so he decided to run away from home and enter a military school called 'BLOODLINE' and never return. But unfortunately 3…

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