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Talking parrots

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Parrot is asked how he views himself. I fell out of my chair at his answer!

Most people think parrots are really gifted mimics. Yes, some of them are basically like feathered tape recorders. But some breeds of parrots show a high level of intelligence. They are doing a lot more than just spitting back whatever they hear to their mommy or daddy. Take this video of a bird that’s starring

My Indian Ringneck parrot talking

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A Pair of Affectionate Parrots Have A Very Human-Like Conversation Over Breakfast

Parrots are remarkably social creatures. Much like their human counterparts, they enjoy companionship and good conversation. In fact, parrot owners know you never get just one because they get lonely by themselves. In the video below, a couple of beautiful, talkative parrots are engaged in an amusing and very human-like conversation with each other over

Larry the Parrot Dials an Imaginary Phone Number, but It Is WHAT He Says It that Cracked Me Up

When it comes to animals, we really can’t seem to get enough. We love to see them and go out of our way to watch videos of them. We’re all guilty of watching animal videos; I mean they make us happy and put a smile on our faces, so why not? For the most part

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Incredible Led Zeppelin cover features parrot on lead vocals

In this unbelievable vocal performance, a parrot delivers a scorching cover of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway to Heaven.’ A talented guitarist and his remarkable parrot teamed up for a classic cover song that was both unique and captivating – the performance of a true star. The musician played exceptional background accompaniment on his acoustic guitar while

Is Your Cockatiel Sick? What You Need to Know

Is your cockatiel sick? If your bird is acting differently than normal, you may be asking yourself this question. When in doubt, of course, it is safest to take them to your vet. Only your

A beautiful talking parrot. #parrot #mithu #talkingparrot #green #beautiful #bird #birds #beautifulbird

A beautiful talking parrot. #parrot #mithu #talkingparrot #green #beautiful #bird #birds #beautifulbird

Owner Films Sassy 50-Year-Old Parrot Talking

Owning a bird can be entertaining, and one parrot mama knows all too well that they can say the funniest things.

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Don't be a Parrot in Life, be an eagle! A Parrot talks too much and can't fly high. But AN eagle is silent and has The power to touch The Sky! Let's soar!!
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