Talking to the dead

Learn how to connect with the spirit world and communicate with loved ones who have passed away. Discover techniques and tips to enhance your psychic abilities and have meaningful conversations with the dead.
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Brody, Andy, and Miles are the members of the use-to-be-hot show Ghost Trackers. Their show is about to bite the dust, but the network has one more trick up their sleeve; hiring a psychic. Lock a major psychic skeptic (Brody) , two of his easily led friends, and a beautiful yet mysterious psychic with amazing gifts in some of the most haunted locations for 10 hours. . . yeah, that will go well. But Amelia, the psychic, has some tricks up her sleeve as well. Can Brody and Amelia make it…

Trudy Leinweber
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When Zeno was a young man, he visited the Oracle of Delphi to learn about his future. The prophecy he got was cryptic: His best life could be had only through “conversing with the dead.” What does that mean? Zeno wasn’t sure… until he made a realization that you may have made yourself: Reading is […]