Tank armor

Upgrade the protection of your tank with these top armor ideas. Discover the best ways to reinforce your tank and enhance its durability for battle.
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This model was created for Armored Warfare project with just 5 available low-resolution photos. Therefore, it was a serious challenge. The general outline and design was able to model very accurately, however, many details (mainly the turret) had to be invented based on general logic and experience. "Object 195" or T-95 as it was known in late 90 was created as a new generation MBT prototype for Soviet later Russian army. It combined several design features such as - Unmanned remote control…

Christos P. G.
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The T22 Cataphract is a fictitious tank that I worked on over a 4 month period. My goal from the beginning was to make a tank that was "nationally androgynous," meaning that it would have no clear influence from an exclusively western or eastern design language. It took a lot of refining and input from others better versed on the subject than myself, but I finally managed to produce something that I can be proud of. The Emblem on the side of the tank is from Kat Rice…


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