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ArtStation - L4 MBT Prototype, Joshua Van Ellie Dumayac Future Weapons, Armored Vehicles, War Machine, Sci Fi Tank, Modern Warfare, Turret, Battle Tank, Fighter Jets, Expedition Vehicle

Main battle tank concept I made for the challenge my colleague made up. I drew inspirations from the German Leopard MBT and Israeli Merkava for the turret and from the Polish Prototype stealth tank for the overall design. The L4 features a 120mm smoothbore gun as well as counter measures such as smoke launcher and Hard-kill active protective system. The armor is made up of radar absorbent materials to minimize heat signature in the enemy's radar. The tank's crew consists of a gunner, driver…

Kaung Myat
Armored Vehicles, Sci Fi Tank, War Machine, Battle Tank, Military Weapons, Foam Armor, Battleship, Military Equipment, Armed Forces

Consolidated Automotive Corporation M.37A2 Rhino / Main Battle Tank, Full Tracked, 140mm Gun, Model 2037, Alteration 2 Width: 3.5m (Hull) / 3.7m (Applique) / 4.04m (EM Reactive Armor) Length: 7.76m (Hull) / 11.9m (Overall) Height: 2.4m (Roof) / 3.14m (Overall) Weight: 64 metric ton Engine: Global Electric AGT2000 2000shp Gas Turbine + Honwa 250hp APU Drivetrain: Voltz MotorWorks EG250 Hybrid Transmission Top Speed: +85 kph / +140 kph (Engine Governor Disabled) Suspension: ZF Defense LTD…

Emanuele Benzi