Tattoo dress

Express your individuality with these unique tattoo dress designs. Stand out from the crowd and make a bold fashion statement with these trendy and edgy outfits.
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Rebecca Adam worked as a tattoo artist for a decade before launching Snake Divine on Instagram in 2019. Handcrafting everything from her home in Germany's Kassel, her pieces are predominantly one-of-a-kind. Ultimately, her design process is fuelled by a love for creating prints and experimenting with printing technique

Girls with lower back tats make me wanna buy a Harley : theCHIVE

The lower back tat gets an unfairly bad rap. People call it a "tramp stamp" or a "mistake I made during spring break" or a "bullseye." Well you know what? It is a bullseye. Not that kind of bullseye. The kind that marks, "Hey, I'm a good time and maybe I make somewhat impulsive decisions…