Tattoo initials finger

Express yourself with a unique tattoo of your initials on your finger. Find inspiration for your personalized tattoo design and make a statement with your style.
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These tiny initial tattoos are such a sweet alternative or addition to a ring 💍💉 | ring, finger

Kimberly Phillips
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These minimalist tattoo ideas are perfect for anyone looking for a simple, unique tattoo design and want to stand out from the rest..

Raychel Kakash
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Human fingers have many uses - from picking your nose to flipping the bird and pointing at your favorite doughnuts in a coffee shop; when it comes to everyday life, these appendixes are truly invaluable. Now, if there would only be a way to adorn their sausage-like shapes with some body art... Enter finger tattoos! What has started with Cara Delevigne's tiny lion is now a number one cool tattoo trend, popular among celebrities and common folk alike.

Rebecca Clarke