Taxidermy oddities

Explore our collection of taxidermy oddities that will add a unique and quirky touch to your home decor. Discover fascinating and one-of-a-kind pieces that will be a conversation starter in any room.
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A Custom Buffet - The Makerista

After months of searching for the perfect dining room buffet, I decided to check into having one made. The table is 9′ long and it needed a piece that could compete with it. Everything I had found was not nearly big enough or cost an arm and a leg. You may be thinking “custom can’t be cheap” but custom actually ended up being cheaper than a lot of mediocre quality, a-bit-small buffets. I think the key was working with a cabinet maker over someone who strictly makes furniture. That meant…

Lisa Grace
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Oddities Mystery Box, Mystery Box, Oddities, Curiosities, Skulls, Animal Remains, Natural History, Bone, Oddity, Taxidermy, Bone Art - Etsy

This listing is for an oddities mystery box heavily focused on the natural history aspect of collecting. . The contents of this box will be a surprise for the recipient. I create these boxes as they are ordered, so each is unique. . These boxes will include a combination and variation of skulls, bones, insect products, shells, fur, teeth, and/or other animal parts in addition to crystal specimens and/or fossils, and an occasional antique. . The items included vary by price bracket, but a…

Katelynn Floyd