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Transform your classroom with creative teaching tables that promote active learning. Explore top ideas to create an engaging and interactive environment for students.
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MEMORIZING MULTIPLICAITON FACTS CAN BE STRESSFUL Memorizing multiplication facts is a key component in the third-grade math curriculum. Students who are able to quickly recall multiplication facts enjoy a plethora of advantages. Third grade classes often have speed races for multiplication facts, invite only parties for students who have passed

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School has begun again and kids are faced with a new grade level, consisting of new academic challenges. My son is now in Grade 3 and in Canada's school system, that means Multiplication Tables! We decided to try to get a head start over this past summer with learning them, and after much research, we created a method that has proven to work! This new method is using special flashcards that I created and designed myself. The cards are specifically colour coded to organize each fact and make…

Natacha Ribeiro
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THE OLD WAY TO MEMORIZE MULTIPLICATION FACTS When you think about memorizing multiplication facts, you probably envision painfully boring flashcards being practiced over and over and over again. As adults, most of us remember memorizing the multiplication facts this way. Card after card with an endless sea of numbers until

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