Thanksgiving dinner not turkey

Looking for a Thanksgiving dinner alternative to turkey? Explore delicious recipes and creative menu ideas that will impress your guests and make this holiday meal unforgettable.
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25 Alternative Thanksgiving Meals (That Just Might Be Better Than Turkey)

If you're like us and would rather skip the turkey, here are 25 recipes for alternative Thanksgiving meals that are so good you’ll forget all about the traditional bird.

Gary Sennhauser
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Alternatives to Turkey for Thanksgiving: 15 Delicious Dinner Ideas

Here are 15 delicious alternatives to turkey for Thanksgiving if turkey did not earn a place on your Thanksgiving menu.

Christina Meister
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35 Alternative Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas (Besides Turkey)

Serve something besides turkey this year! These alternative Thanksgiving dinner ideas will still impress guests with their delicious flavor.

Sue Kirchman