The Book of Mormon

Immerse yourself in the captivating story and music of The Book of Mormon. Explore the top highlights and find out why this Broadway musical is a must-see for theatre enthusiasts.
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The long wait is FINALLY over. Thanks for being patient with me ❤. I’ve compiled all the resources, quotes, and references I used to create this wonderful Book of Mormon Survival Guide! Me and a…

Michael Pino

In 3 Nephi 21, Jesus Christ associated the servant spoken of by Isaiah with the Book of Mormon itself. Like the servant in Isaiah, the Book of Mormon will be a cause for astonishment, it will be in the hand of the Lord, and although it will be marred by its enemies, it will not be permanently hurt. Having been written at the command of Jesus Christ by servants of Jesus Christ, the Book of Mormon aptly functions as composite “servant” to convey the words of Christ.

Kim Russon

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