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Relive the hilarious crossover between The Simpsons and Family Guy with the top episodes of The Simpsons Guy. Join Peter Griffin and Homer Simpson on their outrageous adventures.
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For Sideshow Bob's father, see Robert Terwilliger, Sr.. For other uses, see Sideshow Bob (disambiguation). "Hello, Bart." ―Sideshow Bob, upon greeting Bart Simpson. "No! That's German... for 'The Bart, The.'" ―Terwilliger, testifying in court Dr. Robert Onderdonk "Bob" Terwilliger, Jr., more commonly recognized by his stage name, Sideshow Bob, is a recurring antagonist in The Simpsons. He was originally Krusty the Clown's sidekick, before starting a life of crime that began with an attempt…

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We’ve got the best adult cartoons, coming to you from a variety of channels and streaming platforms that collectively deliver hour upon hour of gut-busting entertainment. Thanks to the wonders of animation, each show traverses a limitless expanse of creative terrain, exploring both mature and immature themes through a wildly inventive lens. And when a […]