Three graces

Explore stunning artworks that depict the Three Graces, a symbol of beauty, charm, and elegance. Discover the beauty of this iconic trio and be inspired by their timeless grace.
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The Three Graces is a nearly life-size, figurative Carrara marble outdoor sculpture group located on the historic Oldfields estate on the campus of the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA), in Indianapolis, Indiana. The neoclassical marble sculpture depicts the Three Graces, minor goddesses of the Greco-Roman pantheon. The group consists of three women frontally oriented, standing in a row upon a base. The sculpture is modeled after a c. 1797 sculpture by Antonio Canova.

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High resolution image Sandro Botticelli [Early Renaissance Italian painter of the Florentine school c. 1445-1510] Tempera on panel Uffizi Gallery, Florence: Biography: Many thanks to Peter / petrus.agricolafor his permission to use his wonderful image: _____ Restoration by plumleaves

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