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Delve into the fascinating world of Greek mythology and discover the epic tales of the mighty Titans. Uncover the powerful gods and goddesses who shaped the ancient world.
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The Hecatoncheires, also known as the Hundred Handers, are giant beings from Greek myth who are brothers to the Titans and the Greek gods. Born with one hundred hands and fifty heads, all flailing awkwardly in opposite directions, the Hekatonkheires were seen as disgusting by their father Ouranos and imprisoned back inside their mother's womb. The most well known of the Hekatonkheire are the three siblings, firstborn among the Hekatonkheire. These three were named Briareus or Aegaeon (the…

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Perses (Πέρσης) is one of the great Titans that takes part in the Second Titanomachy in God of War III. In Greek Mythology, Perses (Ancient Greek: Πέρσης, English: Destroyer) was the Titan of Destruction. He was the son of Titan siblings, Crius and Eurybia and was wed to Asteria, his cousin, daughter of Titans Phoebe and Koios. Perses had one child noted in mythology, Hekate, honored by Zeus above all others as the goddess of sorcery, graves, ghosts, necromancy, witchcraft, and magic. She…

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