Tomato soup recipe healthy

Try our mouthwatering tomato soup recipe that is both delicious and healthy. Learn how to make this comforting dish and enjoy a warm bowl of goodness.

This 3-ingredient tomato soup is a healthy, easy and yummy option that can be made in less than 30 minutes! The ultimate comfort food for a cold day and requires only a few basic pantry staples. Easiest tomato soup ever! {Gluten-free, low carb & vegetarian}


Featuring fresh basil and roasted red peppers, this flavorful tomato soup is hearty and creamy, without using cream. All of the ingredients are puréed together, giving the soup a smooth and thick consistency.

Elysia Lippman
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There's no better way to use up fresh tomatoes than this creamy, flavorful Roasted Tomato Soup! Rich, creamy and comforting, this homemade tomato soup recipe is made with slow roasted tomatoes, onion, garlic, and cream for major deliciousness and the perfect velvety texture. Serve with crusty bread or grilled cheese sandwiches for dunking!

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Top view of a white bowl full of tomato soup with basil leaves and crusty bread.

This comforting easy tomato soup requires just a few inexpensive pantry staples and comes together in 30 minutes. It's tasty and genuinely silky (without using any dairy!), and it's also vegan, low calorie, gluten free, low carb and packed with health benefits.Quantities yield 3 small servings (a bit more than 1 cup each)

Mary Ann Jontz