Tooth fairy bag

Make losing a tooth even more special with a unique tooth fairy bag. Find top ideas to create a magical experience for your child and keep their precious tooth safe.

Childhood memories filled lots of cartoons, various toys and perhaps with just bedtime stories that allowed us to imagine the world. We also often hear stories about fairy tales, prince and princess adventures and yet it is still evolving until now.

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Featured: Tooth Fairy Bag.. I will be making this tonight. I can't find mine and my son just lost his first tooth!  Wish I could find mine, but I'll start a new tradition. Diy Tooth Fairy, Fairy Pouch, Tooth Fairy Bag, Diy Teething, Purl Bee, Pouch Diy, Weekend Crafts, Crafts Sewing Patterns, Tooth Fairy Pillow

My oldest child is 5 1/2 and I just know that any day he’ll have his first looth tooth. He’s excited at the prospect and I really want to make the experience special for him! So I’m most definitely making a special little pouch to hold his teeth as they await fairy pickup and I...Read More »

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