Toothless hoodie

Show your love for Toothless with these unique and stylish hoodies. Get cozy and embrace your inner dragon with these must-have hoodies for fans of all ages.
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I think the first How to Train Your Dragon movie still stands right alongside James Cameron's Avatar as the film with the best use of 3D ever...those flying sequences really left me feeling as if I was right there with Hiccup flying over the water on Toothless's back. The third movie was rec

Ana Palacios
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Jumping up the schedule by popular demand: Toothless! I made this Toothless kigurumi (onesie) to wear to Atomic Lollipop this past July. To be honest, I had been contemplating buying a kigu for the longest time, but I had never seen a design that I really loved. So long story short, I decided to make my own. I picked Toothless because I really love the movie How to Train Your Dragon--Toothless is the most adorable dragon ever. Of all time. An added bonus here is that because it was summer…

Oliwia Pomidor
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I've gotta say... this How to Train Your Dragon inspired Toothless hoodie is absolutely fantastic! It's even got the claws, wings, tale and everything! Distintivly Shaped hood. Hand-crafted arms with escape claws. A velcro-detatchable tail. All images have been 'pin