Toy aussie full grown

Learn all about full grown Toy Australian Shepherds, including their size, personality traits, and care needs. Find out everything you need to know to provide the best care for your Toy Aussie companion.
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How long does it take a Mini to be full grown and get their coat?

Time to full size/weight: 1-1.5 yrs...although they continue filling out up to 2.5 years. By 9 months you'll know roughly what dimensions they will have, at that point they stop growing and start just filling out. Time to full coat: 2 years Left: 1 year 3 months Right: 6 months From 7.5 to 9 months old Indie significantly slowed in growth and weight gain. At 9 months he was about 19 lbs and now at 1 year 3 months he's about 20ish pounds and by 2.5 years old he's rounded out to 22…

Lauren S.